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being able to clean & jerk my own bodyweight feels pretty great. πŸ˜›

new PRs tonight in class: 135# C&J, and 140# clean. 😁😁😁 it’s all uphill from here.πŸ‘

My crossfit idol right here πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


rest day. this is how you do it right?


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WOD 8/19

Press complex (45#)
5 rounds:
1 power clean
2 strict press
2 push press
2 push jerk
2 split jerk

Not for time or anything, we mainly focused on form. I was a little shaky starting out with the split jerks, but by round 3-5 I had them down really well :)

Metcon 1:
Jingle jangle: 5 rounds
Basically it was like “suicide drills” but it was only 5M. You sprint as many times back and forth from line to line as many times as you can in 30 seconds. I got 66 reps total!

Metcon 2:
3 rounds for time

400 m run
12 burpees
21 box jumps

I finished in 15:01. That one was hard haha my legs were so sore from the front squats yesterday so the run was TOUGH.

Now I’m just relaxing watching dance moms with my roomies!

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I have a thigh gap when I sit down and spread my legs to make room for my protein. 

will you marry me

Repost from @jaredmuse | 275 clean from this past weekend.

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L sit holds are so evil hahaha. Great job girl!! ❀️πŸ’ͺ

thanks bby!! not gonna lie, one of the main reasons i haven’t deleted my blog yet is to keep up with you and your amazing progress and your super cute attitude hahaha :)

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WOD 8/18

Hadn’t worked out since Thursday…oops hahaha

3 rounds:
10 deadlifts (75#)
30 second l-sit hold
6 ring dips (banded)

3 rounds hang clean + front squat ladder for 3 minutes
1 hang clean + 1 front squat
1 hang clean + 2 front squats
1 hang clean + 3 front squats

3 minute rest in between 3 minute intervals

We scored it by front squats completed, so I got 19, 19, 20! I was using 50#.

Felt really good today! I was EXHAUSTED from working all day and I also got up at 4:30 because i convinced my boyfriend to stay overnight last night and he had to drive back to work super early, so I got up with him :) I miss him already!!

But my workouts are going really well, I can feel myself improving which is really motivating. I’ve barely had time to use this blog though, sorry!!

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Got under 170# and couldn’t stand it up. First time I got under that though so I’m happy. #crossfit #sometimeswefail

Way to go!!! Halfway there :)
Boyfriend and I at top golf :)
We had so much fun, and look at my legs!! I see a little baby quad peeking out 😊😊





I told you guys I’d keep you updated on the Crush Games, and I think that the live feed from FloElite is going to cost money :( So they released a Crush games app! This is what it says on their post:

What’s better than The Crush Games ? The #CrushGames with a phone app. YEAP! That’s…

Yayyyyy!! Considering spending the $$ to watch haha how much is it??

Seriously Sam so am I! I’m going to have to text you through it since neither of us can be there with her!

Omg you guys I could cry you’re so sweet crossfit-cupcake power-cleans-and-dreams <3 I have no idea how much the live stream is on FloElite. If you go to FloElite.com and scroll down, it says Get Access & watch the live feed of Crush Games. But then it says Coming Fall 2014. I keep checking for updates!

I want to watch it too!! So worth it to see you compete for the first time. Keep us updated!! :)


I literally don’t even give a crap hahahaha. Bout that donut life πŸ©πŸ‘Œ right after this mornings crazy WOD…I was so hungry!!!

Haha you&#8217;re so cute!!
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