Lauren Fisher. CF Games 2014. Photo by @supercleary 

I love how she smiles when she lifts
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Anonymous: What are you doing this weekend? :)



Overslept and missed the WOD today :/

I needed to sleep though. My dog got really sick last night and I stayed up for hours with her while she was throwing up 😔
So I’m honestly not surprised at all when I woke up at 10 and realized I missed my alarm. Oh well!
I’m going back to college station this weekend and I know a box that has free Saturday workouts, so I’ll just go there to make up for today 😊

Anonymous: Why do some lifters wear the knee bands? (I forgot what you call them) Or well active people in general too, like runners. Is it to prevent their knees from injury, or to already protect injured knees?

They’re knee sleeves! This comes from the Rogue website about their sleeves:
-Provide warmth and compression which supports blood flow and reduces swelling
-Regular use can relieve pain and increase performance

So they just help to prevent injuries and provide compression to ease movements that heavily rely on knees

Her ears look like wings





OHS 3-3-3-3-3 65-75-95-105-115 fail-115# success

You look awesome, your form is stellar. Keep crushing it!! 

Aw thanks lady 😊

great job girl!!! goals 😍😍

This form thoughhhhh
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